Footers First!

This week has been quite the productive one! We have gotten a very seasonably appropriate amount of rain this spring, and with it came a backup in the building process. Our backhoe man was booked solid and with the incoming monsoons he got even more set back. Thankfully we had dry enough weather these past few days that they were able to dig and pour my footers yesterday! We also had the water hooked up.


This month we have gotten a lot done. I had the land limed, fertilized, and we sprayed for weeds (most of it). I’m trying to keep heavy equipment off of the majority of the pasture space, so I’m very glad the county was able to come and put my culvert in today!


I’m eager to get the house boxed in so we can focus on the barn, but I did get to pick my front door, the first “major” decision. It was made super simple when it was on sale for a crazy good deal. I’m going for a cross-over farmhouse-craftsman style, so it sort of fits the bill. At least the glass is square! It’ll most likely be painted red.



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