Little Homestead


3/24/2018 Barn Build!

2017 was my year to get things in order! I turned 30, I am not super timeline oriented, but I did have an unwritten personal goal of having my little horse farm by the time I was 30. I wanted to document everything to go back to and look at later on… Read more.


6/4/2017 Roof Up!

Such a productive week! Designed the layout of the kitchen cabinets, and submitted order to the cabinet carpenter. Picked alder wood to stay in budget because I didn’t care for oak (too strong of a grain), with shaker style doors with some glass… Read More.


5/27/2017 Like a Rolling Stone

What a busy week, but so thankful for the tolerable weather we’ve had the past few days! Framers were able to finish the other job that I was sharing time with, and they were able to focus on getting my house ready for the roofer to come on Tuesday!… Read More.

IMG_7438x12505/24/2017 Framing!

This has been one undeniably rainy spring!

Framers got delayed Monday due to rain on their other job site over the weekend, but Tuesday, we got frames!… Read More.


5/19/2017 Nesting!

Generally, I understand that the term “nesting” is reserved for expectant mothers, however to me this is building the home for myself and my fur-babies… Read More.

IMG_7345-12505/13/2017 Foundation of a Dream

Finally, some sunny days ahead! This week has been wonderfully busy. Got back from our camping trip on Monday (the horses did wonderfully), finally got caught up with work that I missed from Friday & Monday done on Tuesday,… Read More.

IMG_7255-14/28/2017 Building Blocks

The blocks were delivered today, along with some framing wood. Fingers crossed that the weather holds out on Monday so they can start laying the foundation on Tuesday & Wednesday. Read more…

IMG_7235-1250px4/27/2017 Footers First!

This week has been quite the productive one! We have gotten a very seasonably appropriate amount of rain this spring, and with it came a backup in the building process. Read more…


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