Audible Remedy

Last night had to have been the most intimate show I have ever been to that wasn’t in the basement of some hole in the wall café in SoHo. I finally got the chance to see one of my top 3 favorite bands perform live at The Bowery Ballroom, wedging myself front and center at the stage clad in a grin I don’t think I’ve worn since Christmas in the first grade. All 3 bands, including the two openers were exceptionally talented and knew how to keep the crowd engaged (which I very often don’t see with opening acts). The show commenced with Buried Beds, transitioned to Fake Problems (they really got the crowd amped) and then finally as anticipated, Murder By Death took the stage filching everyone’s attention, appropriately starting with the first track of their latest album, “Good Morning, Magpie” as they sipped some whiskey.

That’s what music is about; the ability to generate emotion and inspiration among your listeners and bringing people (strangers and friends) together (for them moment, making strangers friends). Murder By Death’s music has gotten me through the hardest year of my life. Their music was the soundtrack to the solitude I lived with and in a haunting way, comforted me through the times I had a lot of trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle I was strewn into. Driving endless miles just listening to them thumping from my speakers, feeling the music and just getting lost in the drive was honestly very therapeutic. Seeing them live and being able to feel the music (seriously, I love the sensation of the drums bellowing into your stomach and rattling the innards of your chest, when live), added a whole new appreciation to the music.

I’ve been to countless concerts, shows, and small sets in my life, and I have to say, I think last night really made me truly understand the depth that is music therapy. Music is definitely a form of healing, not just when writing or playing your own instrument of choice, but experiencing live music among the company of others who appreciate and love the same kind, the same melodies, the same words. I’m still wearing that school girl grin as I write this a day later!


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