Roof Up!

Such a productive week! Designed the layout of the kitchen cabinets, and submitted order to the cabinet carpenter. Picked alder wood to stay in budget because I didn’t care for oak (too strong of a grain), with shaker style doors with some glass. Going with just a natural seal for a clean, modern farmhouse look. Bathrooms are getting the same style, except white vanity in the master and a dark drift wood gray stain for the guest bath vanity.

The start of the week, Tuesday (Monday was Memorial Day, thanks so much to those who have, and still are severing!) the guys started finishing up all all the roof framing to get it ready for the shingles to go up. By Tuesday they were heavy underway with deck building. There’s a lot of decking, so that has taken quite a while. By Friday, we have the first set of stairs, so no longer needing a ladder to get into the house!


Shingle crew arrived on Wednesday evening and by Friday were completely done.


Thursday, shingles nearly done.


Shingles complete!

Hoping the weather holds out just enough tomorrow that they can relocate that window that’s too close to the front door (needs to be moved over about 11 inches to get the correct exterior spacing and to fit shutters). Doors and windows are supposed to go in tomorrow and my electrician is supposed to come as well… but those little lightning bolts in the forecast are a little disconcerting. Regardless, excited for this week!


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