Like a Rolling Stone

What a busy week, but so thankful for the tolerable weather we’ve had the past few days! Framers were able to finish the other job that I was sharing time with, and they were able to focus on getting my house ready for the roofer to come on Tuesday!



Rear shot of house from the back on Thursday (5/25) evening. The guys did an amazing job staying on schedule for the roofer to come on Tuesday and weather permitting, we’re on schedule.


This was from around 8:00 Friday (5/26) Morning. Finally, no clouds! I’ve noticed every single photo I’ve taken pretty much is littered with grey skies.


The view from my new office window. When the horses are rotated into this pasture, I should be able to glance away from the computer and be able to see them (life long dream and motivator when working long, late hours over the years).


Fruits of our labor from earlier this spring; wonderful horse quality hay! Since I’ll be using these pastures strictly for grazing, this will be the last year we hay these fields.


Front of the house as it currently sits (5/27). All the decking has been delivered, have about 3 bundles. Can’t wait for the decks to go up so the house quits looking so goofy! When the front bedroom was being framed, the interior window layout was perfect, but the exterior left something to be desired. With the current window placement, I wouldn’t be able to do shutters on that window (definitely made my heart sink). I texted my builder that evening, by the time I saw him this morning, he already told me that it’d be a simple and easy fix and he’s glad I said something because they were so concerned about getting the interior right, that the exterior placement slipped their mind. The Green box shows where the window will be moved to. I’m back to being happy with the front!

When the day was coming to a close, my father and I brought the crew some cold beer and we sat around and cut up for about an hour kicking off a great start to this Memorial Day weekend!


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