Generally, I understand that the term “nesting” is reserved for expectant mothers, however to me this is building the home for myself and my fur-babies.

We’ve mostly been getting everything from locally owned businesses, everything from blocks, trusses, bathroom fixtures, doors, windows etc., however Lowes is having yet another sale, and it beckoned me. They had this Whirlpool suite on sale about 35%, plus my father let me use his Lowes’ card, and got another 5% off. With that, I was able to stay within my appliance budget AND get 5-year-extended warranties on everything minus the Microwave (wasn’t a big enough investment to want to insure).

Originally I was going to go with black or even white appliances to save some money. Buuuut after reading reviews on these, they seemed good enough for the money and I told myself since appliances and kitchen cabinets are expensive to replace should I choose to later on, I’d allow myself a chance to splurge there while saving money in other areas, like no garage. Which lets be honest here, I lopped off the garage (though house is wired and ready for one so I can add one later if finances allow), to be able to afford a barn.

Here’s the set!


The framers were hard at work earlier this week. They’re meticulous and it’s been a lot of fun watching them work. My father has literally spent all day every day there with them, and not just to watch and make sure no corners are cut (which they have proved that is not a concern), but it’s just fun for him too. Since I’m doing this build on my own, it’s been a very welcome experience to have my father by my side to consult with. I also have an amazing builder who came out of retirement for this project and has been overseeing/setting everything up.

This picture was from Wednesday, by Thursday they already had all the flooring down and the walls laid out. We changed some window placements which overall will look much better.



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