Foundation of a Dream

Finally, some sunny days ahead! This week has been wonderfully busy. Got back from our camping trip on Monday (the horses did wonderfully), finally got caught up with work that I missed from Friday & Monday done on Tuesday, my new-to-me saddle arrived Wednesday, and my foundation was completed on Thursday!

IMG_7345-1250Wesley was so excited. It actually was the first time in the 2 years I’ve owned the place, bringing him out to the property. He even got to christen his new backyard. 😉

IMG_7348-1250The bare foundation before stucco and completing the interior supports. Front of house.

IMG_7338-1250.jpgThe bare foundation before stucco and completing the interior supports. Rear of house.

IMG_7381-1250Foundation completed and freshly stuccoed.

IMG_7376-1250Framing material delivered! Frame is supposed to start on Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.

IMG_7377-1250The grass is getting close to being hayed! Looking out on the Front half of the Front-Left pasture.

18449361_10100389819766813_6415183405866368156_o.jpgAnd of course the new-to-me saddle! It’s an older Orthoflex, midish-late 90’s, Nevada. MO made. Finally a saddle wide enough at the gullet for my wide arab boy that has some give. Waiting for my shoulder relief girth to get here so I can finally start riding him in it. I almost was going to start trail riding him in my AP saddle because the western saddle I was borrowing that fit him, was starting to sore me!


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