What Is Relevant?

So back when I was a teenager, “blogs” were referred to as online “journals”; never ending soliloquies of teen angst and droning of mysterious crushes that you’d never label by name, in case by some chance they’d find the post and read all the creepy things you said about them. Today, blogs are a lot more than that. They seem to reach people on a different level, almost like a forum, starting off one sided before others read, relate, and comment or share. It’s almost like free media.

This has to be about my 5th or so “blog”. Perhaps the 3rd I ever even bothered to write in. I secretly insisted that I would keep it strictly business, but lets face facts, that could get boring and fast. Not only that, but there is only so much you can write about designing a website for a client, that isn’t already said to the client, so writing a blog about it would be redundant.

I will do this though, I will share my recent findings in techniques, whether it’s self discovered or something I’ve adapted and refined to my liking for design or illustration. I’d probably throw in updates based on my other hobbies, but for now, I’ll throw in some discrete sentiments as well that I feel affect my work. With that said, have a good night my reader.


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